In Victorian times, it was fashionable to wear, or give jewellery as a symbol of your relationship to someone. Or for the good luck it was believed to bring to the wearer.Each flower had a meaning, for example, a bluebell for constancy, a lilac symbolized the beginning of a relationship, ivy for evergreen love or marriage. There are many more, and not only flowers, but animals and birds amongst others. I love the idea of this kind of romantic symbolism. Here are a few of my favorite symbols.


Spirals: Spirals hold the energy of new beginnings. Coiled up waiting to spring, to unfurl like a young fern. It is an ancient symbol and can be found in all parts of the world. In Britain the spiral was associated with the feminine, as the doorway of life.   Carl Jung said that the spiral is an architypal symbol that represents cosmic force.

The Oak leaf
The Oak tree has a long life. It’s role in the woodland ecosystem, is to nourish and protect young saplings and provide food and shelter for birds and animals. I love the shape of Oak leaves, for me they symbolize strength, wisdom and the ability to nourish and protect others.

The Rose
Of course this is a classic symbol of love, but I see it also as a representation of the many layers of love, as a relationship deepens.
Of course there are thorns on a rose bush, but these contrast and emphasize the sweet beauty of the rose of true love. I like to use Rose Quartz crystals with silver roses sometimes, as their properties are similar to the essence of a rose.

The Nest 

The nest is not only about family, but also to do with nurturing businesses, or new ventures, so that they may hatch and take wing.

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