Therapeutic Commissions

I can create personal  pieces of jewellery and pieces with meaning, for a special occasion, or to help someone through a transformational period in their life.

Christening or naming ceremony.

Children flying the nest.

Wedding tiara or jewellery.

As a comfort to give strength during illness.

Celebrating recovery from a serious illness.

Becoming a teenager.

Celebrating becoming a mother.

Empowerment for communication/public speaking

This is a non-denominational process, I will be respectful of your religion or spiritual beliefs, if you have them and respectful if you don’t.
I can incorporate aspects of your personal spiritual beliefs into the jewellery if that is your wish, or it can be a totally non spiritual piece,  just infused with images or shapes that you personally resonate with.

 First I will talk to you, about your expectations, your wishes for the commission, i.e. What it is you want the piece of jewellery to celebrate, heal or symbolize.

  • Then (if you wish) I can talk to you about any favourite shapes, colours or crystals you may have, or what you feel drawn to at the moment and of course, what sort of jewellery piece you would like, for example, a necklace, tiara, ring, or whatever it is that you feel you would like.



 If you choose to, I could go ahead and design a piece based on this information. Or I can meditate by myself, focusing on retrieving information for the design.

During my meditation, I will get images of shapes and colours or specific crystals and words which help me to come up with a more specific design that will be uniquely appropriate for your purpose. (These images always seem to resonate with the client.)

I will then tell you briefly about what came up for me during meditation, and we will discuss the design. I will usually show you a few different designs for you to choose your favorite.

Once the piece is complete I will ‘cleanse’ it by leaving it on a large uncut Amethyst crystal and allowing it to absorb sun or moonlight. I will then bless the piece with the lovely intentions that you had requested. I can do this alone, or with you, in a way that would be special to you.
One way that I like to infuse the blessing into the piece, is to wrap it up with a poem (or just a word) that is symbolic of what the piece is about, this can be one that I have written, or one of your choice that you feel is appropriate.

This whole process to me is beautiful, and I love to be a part of empowering people with an object of such significance.
I hope that every piece of ‘Therapeutic’ jewellery that I make becomes something very special to the wearer, that will bring them more than just a pretty piece of jewellery.


Prices for a consultation range from £10 to £80, depending on the time I need to spend on the process. Please contact me if you wish to find out more about the process, or for an estimate, with absolutely no obligation to commit to a commission.

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